Greek Tea: Anassa Organic Mint Mentha

The story about this tea as opposed to my usual black tea, either UK/Irish or Indian, is I found it in a supermarket flyer. You guys know I fall for a good flyer special like cats to a scratching post.

When I got to the store, a boy working in the tea section helped me purchase this one and another tea.

I posted this on Instagram not that long ago.

"Instagram?! But you hate social media!"

I know. I'm making an effort to fit in with all the cool kids. Don't ask me about taking selfies yet – mine still suck. :P

The Taste

Minty, sure. I expected minty good.

What I did not expect: delicious minty freshness.

This tastes like something you'd have at a fine hotel afternoon tea ceremony. Hurray!

Making My Own Tea Bags

The process is really speedy. When I saw the kit, my mind thought, "Oh, no. This won't be fun. What if it takes forever?" I was wrong.

You crumble a bunch of the plant contained inside the box into the tea bag, which is super silky in texture. When you fill it completely chunky, you weave in one of the wooden sticks like you're sewing. The last time I sewed anything was a quilt in my third grade class. I'm not an expert at all and did this just fine.

Besides, saying you made your own tea bag today sounds impressive.

Was it good? Yes!

I'm going to enjoy this and probably buy it again. Thanks, supermarket, for making it the weekly special!

Try it yourself and visit the official website. The company claims it relieves stomach issues, depression, stress, insomnia and fatigue. OK, I halfway believe that from any tea not containing caffeine, but you be my guest as to whether anything is true.