Q+A: Viral Video King Adam Schleichkorn of Mylo the Cat

Rihanna loves his work. Now learn how to market your videos and get sweet press like Adam Schleichkorn.

Adam Schleichkorn’s first name, Adam, must automatically mean he is cool. I mean, hello, Adam Rifkin. Adam Gertler. Adam’s. I love Adam’s. If your name is Adam, I probably fawn over anything you ever do.

But there are more reasons to love Adam S. He runs the crazy feline persona called Mylo the Cat and, between his day job hours, keeps the world entertained with viral videos.

Mylo the cat is humiliated he knows this Adam person.

Mylo the cat is humiliated he knows this Adam person.

My weak attempt at picking up a frog on social media.

My weak attempt at picking up a frog on social media.

On with Adam, shall we?

How do you think you got your last Muppets and Doug Funny lip sync videos to go viral so well?

For starters, I’ve been brainstorming the past two recent ones with Abraham Reisman of NY Magazine/Vulture, and it was 100 percent his idea to go with current chart-toppers, which was the right move. It of course also helps having them roll out the video to their massive audience… Having a big name like this behind my work is basically my dream come true, and it definitely helped, as a few media outlets who never wrote about me, now have written about these last two. I’ll also chalk up a little of this to my recent track record, and the insane amount of time and effort that I put into these projects.

If someone wants to get in the business of making viral videos – literally, as in making money off it – what should they do?

Ummm, they should choose another career! I work for an ad agency as the head of the video department and have several freelance clients as well, because I have no other choice. The money on Youtube is there for subscriber-based vlogs, and channels of that nature, while viral video creators really don’t share in the profits like typical “Youtube stars.”

How long does it take for someone to start seeing results if they’ve been putting videos out there and no one responds? Will some videos get responses in due time…and all people need to do is wait it out?

My first viral video was actually nine years ago. It was ahead of it’s time, people really didn’t understand what Youtube was at that point. I then consistently created videos for the last 9 years- some successful, but the vast majority were nowhere near the viral level. I’ve had people tell me to my face that I have no talent, girlfriends break up with me for having “no future”, and countless amounts of negative comments, but I stayed true to my vision, and it’s finally starting to pay off. It’s a very similar path as stand-up comics, in my opinion… You almost have to fail time and time again, to really see what works, and get to the next level. Of course, there are plenty of people who can achieve what I have in less than 9 years, but at this point, it’s very rare to see someone break through, without putting a tremendous amount of work in.

Have you ever approached the media yourself about your videos or do they tend to find it on their own?

I’d say it’s about 70/30, the media usually doesn’t reach out, but nowadays I have more and more people contacting me. I used to send my videos to around 100 sites, to get them posted, but I’m now lucky enough to have a little following, which gets these videos spreading. I now only send them to 2 sites, LaughingSquid.com and TastefullyOffensive.com, both of which are the top spots for videos BEFORE they go viral. A lot of the big time sites go directly to these guys to see what’s buzzing. I also have a great relationship with the people at Digg, which is essentially the top spot for websites to find content.

Does it always matter if the videos don’t look very professionally made? Can they be casual?

I’ve never been too concerned about video quality, but I don’t think casual could really go viral. People respect videos that take time to make!

As far as someone’s social media and web presence, whether for a brand, new company or their own personality, what do you need to do to stand out so everything is not, as my uncle may say, done in vain? He was an overdramatic fellow at times when he argued with me over text messaging while alive. I love old people.

I honestly don’t know. I lean on my persona “Mylo the Cat,” which is definitely not for everyone. The concept behind that was that nobody is going to “like” or follow a page called “Adam Schlechkorn Video Editor,” so I ran with this character instead. It also allows me to create content in the form of pictures, text, etc., so I put out new stuff on a daily basis. I think that is essential, because there’s no way that I could put out a new video everyday. To stand out, I’d say just be yourself, the last thing the internet needs is another clone.

Do all things require time and lots of patience? How do I, as well as others out there, get patience so we may see the fruits of our hard labor online?

I’m not qualified to speak on why some people are more or less patient than others, some folks are just wired differently I guess. I’ve been editing video for 12 years, and I’ve come a long way. I’ve definitely thought about giving up several times over the years, but I kept moving forward. Again, I’m not saying that everyone will need 12 years to break through this industry, but be prepared to put some time in!