Mick Simpson: "My New 30 Kilo Weight Loss Confidence"

A guest article by Mick Simpson of Nothing But Net

My whole life sometimes seems like a fairy tale, as in it’s so out there and different to the normal, that reading an instruction manual on how to “Life” would just end up sending me to a mental institution. I’ve had a different mindset from the first moment I can remember. When I was growing up, I had no intention to study hard and get a good job, like my mum kept telling me I should. Despite this little fact, I always wanted to be rich and knew I would be a property investor at some point. At the time I didn’t have the words for it, but I knew it was going to happen.

All through the years in the back of my mind, I had the end goal envisioned, but when I hit 20, for years, I had no idea where the path to my dreams lay. Though through all the hardships, I carried on. For years trying to stay out of debt (whilst getting myself heavily in it) due to my body refusing to work a full time job. Honestly, I wanted to work and earn money, but my sub conscious wouldn’t let me, it shut down in some cases and made me depressed. I’d never felt so powerless in my life! Though with my insatiable desire to be the best in any way I could, one day destiny kicked me in the crotch and I’d found out about business and personal development, and now it somehow became a thing in my eyes.

Of course it took almost a decade of constant struggles being called a “dol bludger” and on going battles with depression to finally work this one out. Of course, it’s too early to gloat at this point in time, I’m only about 5ish years in to my business life, however, this very week I am tipping my income vs expenses into the green zone, literally for the first time in my life. Through using my brain to create smart money funnels, whilst helping as many people as I could.

The steps to my current level of success included a handful of failed businesses and what some may refer to as a year off life. In all fairness though, I needed it. My life had almost thrown in the towel after a really bad end to a 7 year relationship. At that point in time, I was 125 kilos, zero self esteem and now scared and on my own, in the middle of no where. The consequences of the end of that relationship lasted almost a year after the fact. Essentially drawing out possibly the worst day of my life.

After this massive shit storm had cleared, I’d lost 30 kilos of fat and grown back my confidence. I’d found another girl, with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and got my latest business off the ground. Of course, you think, “Sweet, I’m on a winner again,” then reality does it’s thing, and you realize you’ve just learnt another valuable life lesson. I still have the new business and it’s doing well for what it is, but for the last 8 months I’ve been learning about being on my own and how good it is for the mind. My personal development for this year alone has been a very zen time for me, happily I can say I am still friends with both of the ex girlfriends in this story, even though my 20 year old self would probably want to stone me for saying that.

I guess a lot can be learned from growing up, but in saying that, you don’t need to kill the inner child to grow up. Being genuine is the only thing that matters and whilst there are many people who do not like to hear truths, it will definitely attract the right people in to your life, enriching it to the fullest.

Currently I run two businesses, one being a web design agency and the other being a shared office space in Cheltenham, and as I said, both of these together have just pushed me in to the profit zone. most of which has happened this year alone. I would no doubt be able to retire in a few years time, thanks to all my earnings being residual income based, but I won’t. My ex girlfriend’s father used to say “once you retire, you expire,” I can promise you now, I won’t be backing down from life and neither should you!