Music Tip #1: 10 Ways to Make Your iPod Your Life, Career and Potential Love Interest

Hey, my budding or current musicians seeking greater knowedge! Welcome to day one of Nicole's awesome music tips. In case you cannot figure it out, I am Nicole.

Laugh away all you want. I had a near past-quarter-but-not-middle-age life crisis today when my pink iPod nano's screen broke. Pink iPod nano was my second in command of my iPod fleet, which includes the iPod classic styles.

Luckily, about 90 minutes later, two new iPods were dropped off at my home. The kingdom cheered.

At first glance, someone might say, "Why is she so snobbish about this?" Or, "Who needs more than one iPod?" Worse yet could be, "Big deal! I don't own an iPod."

They say write what you know and spread that knowledge like peanut butter on a sandwich. Actually, that last part, I clearly made up as a lover of peanut butter sandiwiches and food in general. As a person who hates non-script writing like Superman probably hates his eyeglasses prescription, I didn't know what to write until today. Crisis mode. Things happen for a reason. And thus, I will now begin my very special music tips section on my website.

Behold! Shall we begin with today's lesson on the importance of an iPod going beyond what a normal person's iPod can do?

#1 Color code them.

An option for the people hyper obsessed with organizing, you can divide each iPod color by goals, genre or any classifciation. Bonus points to you if you divide your music inventory by iPod model itself.

#2 Brainwash yourself.

You know how you in school made school a hint less boring by highlighting some sentences in lime green and others in orange? I know I did. It only worked about 1 percent. Though, I tried – and it halfway worked, I suppose, on my test results.

Do that with your iPod. Throw on any skin or color choices you know give you a little bounce in your step when you look at it. Connect your country divas iPod with the color blue; your country men with the color green. Make the most of it.

I happen to find black and grey iPods, nano editions that is, really boring and yucky. My iPod nanos are shaded in fun pops of brightness enough make Toucan Sam feel sexy and return my ad reply I sent him. A joke, guys. I do not sext cereal characters. Next thing you know, it'll be on some blog somewhere I do so.

The whole method behind attaching fun colors, or dorky ones, to your music collection is getting your brain going to compose classical music or write hot lyrics. On your days off from writing, you need that stimulation anyway. I'm all about subliminal brain stimulation.

#3 Rid your iPods of any meh or negative music.

You know how you bought a song years ago – I mean, you bought it because you as a budding musician do not rob other artists' income as you want to be paid, right? – and you don't listen to it? Delete it. Do not have any music on your iPod detracting from your goal. No bad singers or rappers who are guilty pleasure listens unless you gain heaps from the production itself and can drown them out. No bad music at all. Do not have a vintage 80's soundtrack for kicks as it will ruin your momentum if you aren't going for that genre as a musician. Leave your favorite mixtape playlists from eighth grade on your laptop. Do not sync them. Do not. At all. Don't. Get it? Your brain will sublimnably suck in that incorrect hearing and spit it out in your creative work.

#4 Put your own work on a playlist, or playlists.

Much easier. I dislike the play by artist section.

#5 Do not skimp the iPod Nano.

Assuming all you can afford is a specific budget, and in these times, we expect many people not to have a good work goals budget, do not avoid the iPod Nano for its built in radio function and quick pocket use. Sure, your ease with the shuffle is cool. That radio? Remember, you shouldn't be listening to one genre. Get out there and breathe in what the radio has to offer. You will always hear something you have never heard before.

#6 Always have an iPod on you at all times.

Working out. Walking to work. The commute. Having the "I'm busy!" look so nobody talks to you in public when you feel worn out or unfriendly. It happens. We are all guilty of not feeling like talking to people all the time. Use your iPod as background noise whenever possible. Think of it like this. Your brain seeps in whatever it hears. If you eliminate all outside noise, literally by sticking your earbuds in, your mind knows what to do.

#7 Eliminate podcasts and audiobooks on your VIP iPod(s).

The VIPs are the top secret mission iPods you use often brainwashing your mind into being its most creative possible. Musically, you won't gain anything when after that song comes on, oh, hey, here's a GQ podcast about cat grooming! No. Your brain is really easy to change. You need to be alert on music mode at all times. Save the podcasts and spoken word for when you are at home lounging around. You can use a laptop for that.

#8 Stash headphones like no tomorrow.

Your earbuds or headphones will go bad the more you listen to music and travel with your gear. Have a fresh set ready to go at all times. If you know one set is going to take a lot of abuse, say for instance, you use it recording or editing demos on softare, leave it for that purpose. Stash your earbuds in a drawer. You will beat them up. They will die. Usually of natural causes, but not always. Dumb example: listening to music while getting a haircut and forgetting your hairdresser uses something called scissors.

#9 Edit songs down only to specfic areas you like.

I've done this for some tracks. You probably do this already for cutting down the tracks on GarageBand or iTunes play start/stop times. Nobody knows what is on your iPod. Nobody will know you like a weird section on some hip hop song or film score and hate the rest of the tune. If you hate one portion, get rid of it. You are, after all, the next Drake.

#10 Be fearless!

As I said, no one knows what is on your iPod and never has to know. Don't share your playlists. Don't let people know anything! Your secrets are safe on your 16 gigabytes/whatever memory size you have.

Warning! Streaming is not a subsitute.

You need full immersion in your music. The only way to get this is from downloading tracks and listening to the radio. Streaming has ads intercutting your audio. And, with streaming, which I do love and use at home but feel it isn't always the most convenient option on the go, you cannot get it on a tiny iPod, be it Shuffle or Nano.

Deranged. Crazy. Wire-y. The iPods being chrarged and synced today.

Deranged. Crazy. Wire-y. The iPods being chrarged and synced today.