Giada De Laurentiis Dishes Out Dating Advice

Food Network temptress, Clairol hair model and cookbook author Giada De Laurentiis knows her fan base. “Appealing to men is something that’s happened over time,” she says. “I know I have a large male audience.” But believe it or not, she’s never actually dispensed dating advice to men in an article format… until now. Keep clicking to see what the Italian-born beauty says guys can do with food to spice up their social lives during these bleak winter months.

Memorize two dishes.

De Laurentiis suggests having two entrées ready to cook at a moment’s notice. “I always say to men who have a hard time finding a woman, ‘Why don’t you learn to make one or two dishes? Master those two dishes. That’s all you need.’ ”

For instance: meatballs.

“If men can make a nice, light meatball, that can impress anybody,” says De Laurentiis. “They’re a great appetizer. They are hearty enough. They feel like comfort food.”

Or better yet: assemble.

“Assembling is the safest thing to do,” says De Laurentiis. “When I’m out of town, I tell my husband to go to the store, get salami, prosciutto, sliced cheese, almonds, olives, crackers and chips. Arrange them all on a platter and put that out. Once you’ve mastered the art of assembling, then you can cook.”

Pair food with an activity.

De Laurentiis’ ideal holiday date? Ice skating and a picnic. “Find out if the girl even likes ice skating. Then, I would take my favorite chocolate chip cookies or assorted little cookies and bring some hot chocolate, really nice coffee or tea. Add a little whiskey to the tea. It warms your body.”

Play food games.

On Sunday mornings, De Laurentiis loves what her husband does. “He goes in the fridge, takes whatever leftovers there are—it could be hot dogs—chops it all up, adds a bunch of eggs, puts it in a frying pan and scrambles it up. That is Todd’s Egg Surprise. I have to guess what the heck he put in there.”

Be the bartender.

A man doubly impresses if he can whip up a low-calorie alcoholic drink and garnish it beautifully. “Champagne with fresh raspberries always excites a woman. All women know that champagne has less calories than any other cocktail.” For a men’s-only crowd, go with the beermosa: beer with sparkling orange juice.

You'll earn points regardless.

Even if you fail in your attempts to make culinary magic, it doesn’t matter, says De Laurentiis. Women will appreciate the effort. “My husband is not a cook. But anytime a guy tries to cook for you, it’s impressive and makes you feel special.”

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